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Quick video on how to use our "Got me Puzzled" Die

Hi Friends Ashley here,

Just wanted to make a shot film on how to use our "Got me puzzled" die and showing how easy it is to use. 😍

I first started to use a fun foam sheet, taped it down with washing tape, and ran it through the BigShot die cutting machine 2x.  As soon as I pulled the cutting plates away the puzzle almost fell apart on its own but the delicacy of the foam corners I gently pulled it apart. 

I then used 110# card stock, taped the die down with washing tape and ran it through the BigShot 2x.  Once the plates were pulled away and gently pressing the corners and the puzzle practically crumbled in my hands (some corners needed a little bit of help but with no problem I had puzzle pieces ready to use). 😁

check out the video on our channel:



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